German Technology Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC) is Germany’s first open campus to unite technology entrepreneurship organisations, resources and expertise in one place.

GTEC is about empowering technology-driven, high-growth innovation and transformation across Europe. Any entrepreneur is welcome to join our programs, events, talks and workshops. For corporations looking for the perfect spot to plug into the startup ecosystem, we offer desks and memberships.

GTEC was established at ESMT European School of Management and Technology and is located at Schlossplatz 1, Berlin’s cultural, political, and economic heart.

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The GTEC Lab offers exclusive partnership deals; free programs, events, talks and workshops; as well as workspace within Germany’s most connected innovation hub. Applications can be made on an ongoing basis. Apply now!

Apply for Berlin Startup Academy

Berlin Startup Academy (BSA) is Berlin’s boutique, independent Startup Accelerator. In a 3-month, 2 day/week program involving 60+ of Berlin’s most experienced CEOs and investors, BSA helps to turn an idea into a startup or to bring entrepreneurial drive to your enterprise.

As part of German Technology Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC), we make the resources of Germany’s industry and Mittelstand, wealth, science, and academics available to founders from around the world.

Starting June 12, 2015 Few slots are available. 


Building Blocks

GTEC unites an expanding group of independent entrepreneurship players under one roof. Starting with TechStars, Berlin Startup Academy, Innovation Lab, ESMT MBA / MIM programs, and a high-class lectures format, we’re working to build a gateway to all English-speaking entrepreneurship resources across Berlin and Germany. This initiative is also a open invitation to other relevant players in the ecosystem to join.


Through its entirely English-speaking operations and network of partners, GTEC works to open up Germany’s resources in industry, science, and capital to founders and corporations from all over Europe and the world. In the spirit of Open Innovation, we believe that a campus of mutually beneficial players is the way to have everyone profit from digital change. Founders and corporates, side by side.


We have just started to build a network of companies providing value to GTEC and its participants. Our goal is to promote products and services which we actually use – with a truly broad scope. Examples? Meet, providing office furniture made of sturdy, ultra-light cardboard; Powtoon’s easy, stunningly effective software for creating product videos and cutting edge presentations; and Berlin Adlershof, Germany’s leading science- and technology park with ten non-university research institutes. Soft- and hardware, mobility, productivity: GTEC is looking for outstanding solutions to work with.

How do I get involved?

As GTEC expands, there will be ever more opportunities for entrepreneurs to profit. Right now, you may
– Apply for Berlin Startup Academy if you have an idea you want to turn into a startup with the help of Germany’s best mentoring and industry network
– Apply for TechStars if you have a team, product, some early traction, and want to take your company to the next level
– Contact our Lab if you are a corporate looking for support with intrapreneurship, externalizing innovation, or acquiring know-how and a network in the startup industry

Talk to us about workspace and program involvement if you are an investor or international company looking for the best foothold in Berlin

Founding Partners

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

With its mother company founded in 1876, Henkel Adhesive Technologies today is the leading solution provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings worldwide.


Founded in 1898, RWE is one of Germany’s foremost utility companies with around 54 bn € in revenue and an innovation leader in renewable and smart energy.

Sigmund Kiener Stiftung

Established in 2007 by the former founder and CEO of InFoScore, Sigmund Kiener Stiftung  supports  education, science, and entrepreneurship.

Globumbus Foundation

Established in 2007, Globumbus Foundation is the three former zanox founders’ Silicon Valley and Berlin-based venture, supporting entrepreneurship globally.


European School of Management and Technology is an international business school founded by leading German multinationals and focusing on leadership and social responsibility, European competitiveness, and the management of technology.


Noerr is one of the top European law firms with 500 professionals in Germany, Europe and the USA. Noerr delivers real value to their clients by devising and handling the right solutions to complex and sophisticated legal matters.


The GTEC team has been working in the digital industry for over 15 years, gaining extensive experience in founding companies, investing, mentoring, supporting and networking. In recent years, we have expanded these activities to help universities, corporations, and public bodies become more entrepreneurial.  But at the core, we are founders working for founders.

Benjamin Rohé

Benjamin Rohé

Managing Director

Since the age of 15, Benjamin has been working in the tech, renewable energy, and digital industry founding several companies and became an active early-stage investor in 2007. He advised DAX companies in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. Benjamin is a lecturer and speaker at several European universities and conferences, including the Economic Forum and  Zeppelin University – where he also helped to create an investment fund for university startups. Benjamin started the GTEC initiative in 2014.

Contact him:

Christoph Räthke

Christoph Räthke

Director, Education

Working in the digital industry since 1996, Christoph joined his first startup team in 2000. After stints at Deutsche Telekom and Berlin-based digital agencies, he has been consulting and running events for the digital industry since 2008 and the first Founder Institute programs in 2010/11. In 2012, Christoph founded Berlin Startup Academy; since 2013 he hosts the interview show StartupGrind Berlin. At GTEC, he is responsible for entrepreneurship education activities, lectures, and the workshops program.

Contact him:

Luisa Maier

Luisa Maier

Director, Lab & Venture

During her undergraduate degree in South Africa, Luisa co-founded an NGO and a marketing & part-time staffing agency. After completing her MBA at ESMT in 2012 Luisa has been part of shaping the European startup ecosystem as Project Manager for the European Commission startup competition Tech All Stars and as Chief Operating Officer at the Berlin-based startup accelerator Startupbootcamp.

Contact her:

At our premises in former east-German government offices, we found faded-out posters of communist and Western pop stars behind the walls. To us, they represent the dream to stand out and shine, even in an environment of conformism. GTEC is about enabling people and ideas to stand out and shine, so we thought this should be our photography background.

Become part of it!

If you offer a product or service useful in the GTEC environment, contact us about an ecosystem collaboration! If you are consulting corporations on digital change, team up with GTEC and profit from our resources. If you are an organization supporting entrepreneurship, let’s talk. If you are an accelerator, investor, mentor, community organization from neighboring countries or around the globe, please get in touch.

For all ecosystem enquiries, contact us at

GTEC Lab membership

What is the GTEC Lab membership

GTEC Lab members are directly exposed and actively integrated into the GTEC network of industry experts, leading corporations & academia, high-tech research institutions and influential policy makers. GTEC Lab members will benefit from free workshops, open office hours and events giving access to expert knowledge and industry connections. Over and above, GTEC Lab members are offered up to 12 months access to office space within our exclusive GTEC Lab on the ESMT campus.

Who applies for a GTEC Lab membership

Applications to become an exclusive GTEC Lab member are open to local startups seeking both expertise and connectedness to grow their early-stage startups as well as to international startups seeking to enter the German market. Members are selected by GTEC, its selection committee and advisory board on an on-going basis.

Why become a GTEC Lab member?

Free Business Support

Ongoing free or discounted business support from GTEC partner firms, including access to state of the art prototyping facilities at Fab Lab Berlin and business solutions from Doodle, FastBill, Moo, Box at Work and many more

Free Expert Consulting

Open office hours from GTEC Lab & founding partners, include for example coaching and fundraising advice from Berlin Startup Consulting or legal services from top global law firm Noerr, giving GTEC Lab members direct & free access to world-class expertise and business acumen.

Network Exposure

Active integration into our GTEC network; free expert workshops customised for GTEC Lab member needs and business development events directly exposing your startup to industry experts, leading corporations & SMEs, and other industry connections.

Office Space

Up to 12 months access to the most premium office space in our exclusive GTEC Lab at the ESMT Campus in Berlin Mitte and other partnering local and international cutting-edge innovation labs, alongside leading local and international startups.

Apply now

Applications to become a GTEC member can be made and are evaluated on an ongoing basis.

GTEC Lab Partners

Berlin Startup Consulting

BSC specializes in strategy, operations & public funding; providing GTEC members with workshops & open office hours.


Providing simply convenient & state-of-the-art prototyping around the clock for GTEC members.

Fastbill Automatic

Recurring Payment Processing for SaaS products has never been easier. 12 months no monthly fixed fee for GTEC members.

The scoop on all the deals

GTEC is partnered with a host of the best service providers to make business easier for GTEC Lab members.

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